Imara Vocational Secondary School

Client: Mr. Omara Walter Louis, Director of Imara Vocational Secondary School

Project Description: Imara Vocational Secondary School approached me to design a website to showcase their courses, partnerships, and location, and provide an online application option for prospective students. After gathering the necessary details and the school logo from Mr. Omara, I created design concepts using Adobe XD, which allowed for efficient UI design. Once the designs were approved, I proceeded to develop the website using HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript within a custom WordPress theme.

Features Implemented:

  1. Online Application: I incorporated a feature that enables prospective students to apply online directly through the website.
  2. Blog and Login Pages: The website includes a dedicated blog page for sharing updates and a login page for registered users.
  3. Social Media Presence: I created social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for Imara Vocational Secondary School to enhance their online visibility and engagement. The links to the social media pages are as follows:

Video Advertisements and Media: I utilized the video clips and pictures provided by Mr. Omara, showcasing various activities at the school, to create short video advertisements. These advertisements were used on the website and shared across social media platforms to promote the school and its offerings.

Hosting and Live Website: The website for Imara Vocational Secondary School is live and can be accessed at As part of my services, I am also responsible for hosting the website, ensuring its availability and performance.

Design Enhancements: Throughout the development process, the design of the front page evolved from the initial concept to its current state. The amount of content and visual materials provided by the client played a significant role in shaping and improving the overall design of the website.

Client Testimonial: “We are thrilled with the website developed by [Your Name]. It effectively showcases our school and provides prospective students with an easy way to apply online. The integration of social media and the creation of video advertisements have greatly enhanced our online presence. [Your Name] has been a professional and reliable partner throughout the entire process.”

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Opifeni Emmanuel

Works as an ICT Technician/Specialist with Makerere University Business School at the Mbarara Regional Campus. I love implementing IT solutions to everyday challenges. 

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