Project Name:

Benjamin Musiita Website


Mr. Benjamin Musiita, Economics Lecturer Project


Mr. Benjamin Musiita is an economics lecturer pursuing a PhD in Economics from Nelson Mandela University. He needed a website to showcase his academic work, speaking engagements, and TV appearances. As one of my first web design projects, this website set me on the path to pursuing web design as a career.

Technologies Used:

WordPress, HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop, Adobe XD


I used UX design tools to create a custom theme that was tailored to Mr. Musiita’s needs. I first shared the design with him before proceeding to build the website from scratch. This ensured that the design flow and appearance of the website met his expectations. I also handled the hosting of the website to ensure that it was live and accessible at all times.

Below are the design concepts for posts page and Front page

The pages are then converted to HTML, CSS, PHP & JavaScript web pages


The website is now live and accessible at It showcases Mr. Musiita’s academic work, speaking engagements, and TV appearances. The website has received positive feedback from Mr. Musiita and his colleagues.

Client Feedback:

“I am thrilled with the website that was designed for me. It showcases my work effectively and is easy to navigate. The designer was professional, responsive, and delivered the project within the agreed timeline.”

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